Roger Mas In Concert

Roger Mas, “the most beautiful voice Catalan music has ever produced”, first time in Quebec 

A poet among musicians and a musician among poets, Roger Mas is the most acclaimed contemporary author-composer in Catalonia.

Named “the most beautiful voice the Catalan song has ever produced”, Roger Mas has received more than 20 awards and has recorded more than 9 albums. His most recent work Parnàs was released in 2018.


With 20 years of career behind him, this multifaceted artist, from crooner, to rhapsode to troubadour, often called a “rutilant bluesman” or even  “telluric artist,” plays in Montreal for the first time to give homage to the great Catalan-Québécois sculptor and ceramist Jordi Bonet, for the 40th anniversary of his death, and to celebrate Catalonia’s national day.

On Tuesday 10 of September, Mas will present a musical journey through songs, in his maternal tongue, in order to underline Jordi Bonet’s life, as well as his Catalan cultural references: Taüll’s romanesque art, Gaudí’s Art Nouveau, the Spanish Civil War followed by a long exile. Besides the song “Jordi”, from his most recent album, Roger Mas has adapted the poem Soleiada by the great Catalan poet Joan Maragall, which describes the creation and birth of “The Sun Man” (L’Homme-Soleil).

There will also be a concert on September 11 to celebrate Catalonia’s National Day.

A tour to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grand Théâtre’s mural.

After Montreal, the Quebec tour of Roger Mas continues in the City of Quebec, on Sunday 15 of September at 11 AM, with a concert in front of the mural by Jordi Bonet in the Grand Théàtre of Québec.

Roger Mas’ Quebec tour is presented by Cercle culturel catalan and the Médiathèque en études catalanes of Université de Montréal with the support of Institut Ramon Llull and the Secretariat for Foreign Action and the European Union from Government of Catalonia.